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Customized EMM

Customized Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solution

Mobile Technologies enable the max possibilities to integrate a variety of applications into commercially available smartphone or tablet through SaaS or on-premise cloud without special restrictions on hardware requirements or dedicated device limitations.


However, the enterprise will face a new problem on how to make sure that employees equip a mobile device with fully integrated enterprise applications without happens data leaked caused by any improperly operating or device lost or stolen.


XCome EMM solution will resolve the mobility management

difficulty after deploying the policy to mobile devices by

one-time with a centralized web console for preventing

misuse of mobile devices by locking it down to only the

allowed applications. All devices can be tracked and

monitored in real time of their behavior and movement.

Moreover, we offer customized EMM services for the

enterprise to meet their business needs and applications.

SkyEMM Introduction

Tailor-made your EMM/MDM solution to reduce
the difficulty of IT strategy on managing
the enterprise mobility security risk.


XCome cEMM (customized Enterprise mobility management) is the perfect solution to realize remote management with the whole combination of hardware and software, the direct control to hardware physical layer and the complete support of different mobile operation systems.


Through the EMM/MDM solution, we can easily set the mobile devices as public information stations for travel, business, medical and education services. Through the remote control, effectively limit the functions and uses of the devices.


To strong a business needs both the development technology and patent protection, XCome is your best partner. Whether it's remote shutdown, the removal of leaked data, or user control and tracking, we can help you deal with it immediately in times of crisis.

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