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About XCome


Your reliable software partner

XCome is a world leader in creating software applications for telecommunications operators, handset and PC manufacturers. Dedicated to the latest technology, XCome offers a comprehensive and user-friendly series of products and services to enrich people's mobile lives.

XCome's solutions are innovative because they harness the power of existing and newest mobile device capabilities equally well. Through XCome's development expertise, we pride ourselves in producing intuitive user interfaces which ensure low learning curves for end-users with support from entry-level feature phones to the highest-end Smartphones. This has been extended with our netbook and notebook PC solutions as well.

XCome was founded in 2002 with a simple philosophy: Make your mobility come true.

This is the inspiration for our talented and passionate staff to push the boundaries of technology and develop innovative products for global mobile users in areas that touch their everyday experiences. In communications, mobile learning, mobile marketing, and personal information management, XCome strive to make your mobility come true.


Measures of Success

With XCome, users can always stay connected, regardless of which IM community or mobile devices they are using. Soon, people will connect across various communities, networks, and mobiles.
However, operators, handset and PC manufacturers don’t have to wait until then to take advantage of XCome’s fully customizable and complete messaging solutions.



Instant Messaging Communication

XLive ODP solution, XCome Mobile Marketing Platform solution, is designed for device manufacturers and operators to offer a marketplace which users will visit on a daily basis. This digital lifestyle aggregation platform is also known as an On Device Portal (ODP) Solution.
XLive is powerful for its high compatibility. It supports both low and high-end handsets and enacts seasonal promotion and easy discovery of mobile services as diverse as online movie ticket bookings, real-time RSS news feeds, Windows Live™ Messenger, up-to-date stock quotes, current weather status, and more.

XLive On Device Portals

Based on licensed Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology, XSync provides secure wireless push synchronization of Calendar, Contacts, e-mail, and Tasks.  Just one push on the sync button and instantly update your activities to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010. XSync not only gives you secure and fast synchronization when on the go, but it also lets you manage your data efficiently with our customized user interface.

XSync, Universal PIM

As the premier mobile dictionary provider in Taiwan and Hong Kong, XCome offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use dictionary solution. Users may switch dictionary and check synonyms/antonyms in an interactive UI. XLex has become one of the most essential embedded applications for first-tier cell phone manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG, and Motorola.




  • 2002  Dec. Company founded.

  • 2003  Oct.  XLex mobile dictionary launched with more than 20M units embedded.

  • 2004  Jan. XMessenger, mobile WLM launched.

  • 2005  Oct.  Signed Microsoft WLM ISV Program.

  • 2005  Dec. XMessenger IMPS launched: OMA- IMPS standard-compliant mobile messenger.

  • 2006  Jun. Five Patents from China, UK, Taiwan granted

  • 2007  Aug. "Red Herring 100 Asia" Award Winner for 2007 

  • 2007  Oct.  "Red Herring Global 100" Award Winner for 2007

  • 2011  Oct.  Microsoft Exchange Active Sync Client Launched

  • 2016  Oct.  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM/MDM) launched on Taishin Bank

  • 2017  May. EMM/MDM launched on China GE

  • 2017  May. EMM/MDM launched on France G7 Taxi

  • 2018  Jan.  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMMMDM) launched on TSMC.


Mobile Carriers
  • 2003 Apr. Partner with Chunghwa Telecom, FarEast Tone and Taiwan Mobile. 

  • 2004 Dec. XCome localized Yahoo! Messenger for FET and Carrier.

  • 2008 Aug. WLM open market launch with CHT, TWM, FET.

  • 2009 Mar. ActiveSync for CHT 5500 Release

  • 2009 Oct. CHT mCool accumulated users surpass 10,000 users


Handset and PC Manufacturers
  • 2004 Jul. XLex license agreement with Motorola. 

  • 2004 Dec. XLex and XMessenger license agreement with Sony Ericsson. 

  • 2004 Dec. XLex launched with Nokia. 

  • 2005  Oct. XLex with Longman Dictionary launched with Motorola.

  • 2005  Feb. XMessenger launched in Motorola handsets. 

  • 2006  Sep. XLex license agreement with Huawei.

  • 2006  Sep. XLex license agreement with ASUS. 

  • 2007  Nov. Asus Eee PC, XLex Preload. 

  • 2007  Nov. XMessenger, WLM: Samsung, HTC, LG  

  • 2009  Sept. XMessenger WLM begins preload on Sony Ericsson models for Taiwan market. 

  • 2011   Oct.  Microsoft Exchange Active Sync  Client with Huawei

  • 2011   Nov. Microsoft Exchange Active Sync  Client with ASUS

  • 2014   July, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM/MDM) client with ASUS

Global Partners
  • 2005  Longman Dictionary (UK) 

  • 2006  Collins Dictionary (USA) 

  • 2007  Langenscheidt Dictionary (Ger) 

  • 2007  Studio Classroom (Taiwan)

  • 2007  Gram English (Taiwan)

  • 2011   Oct. Microsoft Exchange Server (US)